Anthony Pompliano is a well-known and trusted Bitcoin bull. Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer are two comedy legends who run a podcast for fun. So, what do Bill and Bert have in common with Pompliano? Not much, aside from their capability to shift the tide of the crypto market just by one video call podcast.

Episode 20 of the Bill Bert Podcast, in which the duo hosted Pompliano, has garnered substantial interest and captivated many listeners with an entertaining and educational approach to the topic of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. If you want to get into the crypto market, but are wary of the financial danger, you should read this article.

Interesting Takeaways from the Pompliano Episode

It’s no secret that the fiat system is relatively unstable and fragile. The leading proponents of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general often talk about this when comparing the benefits of using cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies.

While discussing with the two comedians about this topic, Anthony Pompliano briefly mentioned the currently on-going crisis in Lebanon. In short, the Lebanese pound experienced a dramatic downturn, crashing nearly 50 percent against the dollar in just ten days. While drastic currency fluctuations have happened in many unstable countries over the years, over the past decades, Lebanon has had a reputation of being a very politically stable government.

To be completely objective, such problems have been on the horizon for the country. Being a net importer relying on debt management and printing money, Lebanon has been going in this direction for a few years. But, when the crisis began in October 2019, few could predict that this Middle Eastern gem could find itself in such a frightening situation.

Another high point that Pompliano touched on was that no one could print more Bitcoin or control its value. As long as both parties in the transaction believe that the crypto coin has value, then it has value. As a conspiracy theory extraordinaire, Bill was sold by the fact that no country can control or manipulate the value of Bitcoin.

As the hour and a half long episode went on, Bill and Bert seemed to switch from being no-coiners to enthusiastic potential Bitcoin investors. Bill, in particular, looked like he was soaking in the info. And, in his classic over the top trademark comedic style, convinced all of us listeners like he’s intent on breaking the bank and becoming the newest Bitcoin bull.

Shifting the Tides

Even though cryptocurrencies have been present for quite some time now, they have had a reputation of being unreliable and unpredictable. Due to their complex nature, crypto coins still haven’t managed to grab the interest of the broader population. This is the biggest reason why the crypto market hasn’t yet garnered widespread acceptance.

During the conversation, Pompliano highlighted how Bitcoin has only gone up in the overall scheme of things. From its initial value of less than a penny to today’s worth of $9k, the leading cryptocurrency has only grown as its market demand increased over the years.

That said, no matter that the Bill Bert Podcast is one of mostly entertainment value, the great comedic duo could make an impact in changing the tide in the minds of a lot of their listeners who are no-coiners. A lot of credit also goes to Pompliano, who showed his extensive knowledge, while presenting the most crucial concepts of cryptocurrencies concisely and straightforwardly.

Episode 20 of the Bill Bert podcast was not only very entertaining to watch, but might have kicked off a substantial tidal shift and motivated a lot of people to get into the world of cryptocurrency trading. If you liked this article, we recommend you to watch the entire episode of the podcast and get even more detailed information.