Make Money In Crypto With These Three Ways, Without Investing Much Of It

Crypto is back in the game! Even though months ago, the Bitcoin was in the $3,000s which was very low, today it oscillates somewhere around the mark of $10,000 (even less, under $8500 as of writing), which many crypto junkies find to be satisfying. The reality is that the playing field is still alive.

With all seriousness, this isn’t some get rich quick schemes which are quite common nowadays. But for crypto enthusiasts who are connected to their mobile devices all day, some money can be earned in airdrops and also in bounty programs. The objective: crypto companies are going to compensate you with a couple of dollars ( or in their very own tokens) if you happen to spread the word about that particular company on social media.

Telegram airdrop

For instance, here’s an airdrop for the users of Telegram: CUDOS, which happens to be a cloud computing startup, is currently airdropping tokens in $7 value to those who become a part of their Telegram community. All you have to do for some tokens is to accomplish pretty straightforward assignments, chat with a Telegram bot, and give your info to the airdrop form.

Bounty Types

Startups use two bounty types: the pre-offering one and the post-offering. The pre-offering bounty is carried out before the project is launched, and the main focus is on marketing to attract potential investors. The goal of post-offering bounty is perfecting the project, communicating and building a strong community on social media like Instagram, for example.

The disadvantages of bounties and airdrops is that people can find them difficult to sell them for fiat currency or even Bitcoin. They can even be scams.

Referral Programs

Here’s why referral programs are probably slightly superior to the two before-mentioned ways of making money in crypto; you don’t have to invest any money into these programs. The only thing that has to do be done is to create an account on the crypto exchange, which offers the affiliate program. There are many exchanges who are trustworthy. You have to know that those aren’t startups, but legitimate companies.

When you look at the best 44 crypto exchanges, exactly 26 of them will give you some financial prizes and 18 of them have affiliate programs. VinDAX and Currency are the newest exchanges in the year 2019, and referral programs in which they offer to crypto admirers.