In the duration of the 2017 ICO boom as well as the crypto craze, retail cryptocurrency investors have put faith in new, untested altcoins in search for new dominant crypto like Bitcoin. The BTC represented a revolution in financial technology at that time. But, unfortunately, after the 2018 bear market, those dreams were completely shattered. Also, there’s a possibility that even if the overall market recovers, the promising altcoins may never reach their full potential. Instead, the following crypto bull run will probably be driven by a whole new and rising wave of altcoins that will satisfy the overall hype of the previous ones, but without the negative sentiment. 

Coinbase Is Exploring The New Wave Of Crypto Assets

Yesterday evening, the crypto exchange Coinbase, which is located in San Francisco, has revealed a new and exciting lineup of altcoins they’re exploring as altcoins that will potentially list in the near future. At first, the crypto community was shocked, because the leader of the cryptocurrency industry didn’t pay much attention to a vast majority of altcoin projects that investors were persistent to be listed.

There are some names in the list like the Telegram, and an older crypto-like Filecoin, but the other ones weren’t released and were quite unknown to the general public such as Chia and Polkadot. What’s common for these new altcoins, is that they’re mainly from businesses in the U.S. The before-mentioned crypto, Chia is from San Francisco and led by Bram Cohen, who was also, once, the frontman of BitTorrent.

New Altcoins That Will Outshine The Old Ones

A lot of crypto investors aren’t happy that their preferred tokens form the bubble of the year 2017, weren’t on the Coinbase’s list of promising additions, but the truth is that Coinbase has its focus on where the money is going or where it’ll be. The harsh reality is that the altcoins from last year that were the main topic of many conversations or were then hotly traded are now the thing of the past, simply, forgotten and dying. Of course, there are some incredible crypto’s among thousands of them on today’s market, but the thing is that most of those altcoins will sadly, never be applied to real-life in absolutely any way.

Crypto is really, a speculative market, because the value of the currencies happens to be driven by some future expectations as well as the general hype about them. And also with the fact that the older altcoins of the cryptocurrency market that are plagued by bagholders who happen to be prepared to dump their assets, as much as 99%. Also, if there were any indications of a price rise, they could never revisit their previous setbacks at the hype bubble height. 

Because of these factors, there is a good chance that the newly-introduced, fresh altcoins are offering hype and potential, are going to outperform every older altcoin in the duration of the following bull run.