Bitcoin Leading the Way for Credit Card Support

TernioIt’s clear to see that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. But the industry is about the experience another big innovation, as the up-and-coming currency will get a further boost in the form of credit card support. This can revolutionize the way we look at cryptocurrencies and make them even more popular. We’re getting deeper into the details to bring you the most comprehensive information about this news.

How Will Cryptocurrencies Work With Credit Cards?
The credit card with which the cryptocurrencies will be integrated with will be made by the blockchain company Ternio. It’s called the BlockCard and its main use is to accelerate the way we use crypto coins on an everyday basis. According to Ian Kane, COO of Ternio, the BlockCard will allow users greater convenience and remove the popular notion that cryptocurrencies are only speculative assets and don’t have any real-world value.
All of the transactions will happen completely on digital asset exchanges, meaning you can use it anywhere you like, both online and in physical shops and stores. The company announced that they will be launching two types of cards, physical and virtual debit cards. There are two types of physical cards and will cost you a bit of money depending on your choice. The virtual card will be free.
A simple blockchain-based solution like this not only means more convenience but also that this system can potentially outshine regular credit cards since it will allow users to avoid hefty transaction fees and enjoy the advantages of simple and fast payments and transactions.

ternio blockcard - bitcoin debit cardThe BlockCard Mobile App
In line with the mobile trends, the folks at Ternio also recently made public that they’re creating a mobile app to go hand in hand with the BlockCard. Using the app and the card together will enable you to spend multiple currencies around the world. You will also be in full control of your balance and will be able to send, store, track or directly buy more cryptocurrencies.

What currencies Will it Support?
There are several cryptocurrencies rumored to be in the talks, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the way. According to the information we’ve got from reliable sources close to Ternio, the BlockCard will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens and Ternio. Of course, there are plans of introducing others soon, depending on how well the project catches on.

Get your BlockCard Now!
The scheduled introduction was set for December of 2018, but the first release only includes 100 BlockCards, available to first sign-ups. The BlockCard project will come to fruition in its entirety the near future, so make sure you sign up for it if you’re a crypto and blockchain enthusiast.
The waiting list is a bit long, but the company announced that there will be early referral bonuses, community participation and all sorts of activities to all of the users who decide to sign up with them. The sign-up process is free and you’re not required to purchase anything, though if you want access to the card, you will have to deposit $100.